Amazing Alien Bar

The idea of this Alien Bar belongs to the Swiss artist H.R.Giger. He actually themed and modeled two Bars (they are also called Skeleton Bars) in Switzerland. The decorations in both bars are kind of creepy and mysterious. The environment reminds me of Aliens movies. Would you enjoy hanging out with your friends here?

This AquaDom was built in one of Berlin hotels in 2003. It’s the biggest cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium in the world filled with 900,000 liters of seawater and 2,600 fish of 56 species. Two divers work full-time to clean this huge 25 meter tall aquarium! No wonder that AquaDom that has costed over 12 million euros is the main attraction in Berlin. I wouldn’t mind taking the build-in transparent elevator and exploring the sea world myself!

Photographer Stefan Le Du presented the project Of stormtroopers 365, in which Imperial Of stormtroopers were occupied with its daily matters.

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